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About this directory:

The National Classifieds Directory was created to enable people to find ads for rare and or hard to find items that are advertised in the Classifieds of the Sunday Edition of virtually all the nation's major daily newspapers.

We have tried to identify those colums in newspaper classifieds that would be of interest to readers on a nationwide basis. While most people would probably not travel cross country to buy a used washer & dryer many people who collect rare, expensive and unusual items, will frequently buy things from classified ads at long distances.

Participating newpapers forward all of their ads from these selected colums to The National Classifieds Directory by eMail shortly after their Sunday editions are put to bed. Our software sorts these ads and places them into their corresponding folders within The National Classifieds Directory. Ads are reproduced unedited, exactly as they appear in their newspaper of origin, with the addition of a 3 letter suffix at the end of the ad which enables the reader to identify the newspaper of origin and therefore the general location and telephone area code of the individual who placed the ad.


Code   Newspaper of Origin   Geographic Location   Area Code
AZR   The Arizona Republic   Phoenix/Scottsdale/Mesa/Tempe AZ.   602
LAT   The Los Angeles Times   Los Angeles, CA   213
NYT   The New York Times   New York City, NY   212
PEQ   The Philadelphia Enquirer   Philadelphia, PA   215
WAP   The Washington Post   Washington DC   202

The National Classifieds Directory is completely updated weekly. New editions are usually posted on our server late on Saturday Nights. The exact times at which the updates are posted varies slightly as the ad inputs from the participating newspapers do not always arrive at the same time.


Searching the directory:

Its MUCH easier to browse the ads in The National Classifieds Directory than in other classifieds services on the internet. When you open any particular folder in The National Classifieds Directory all of the ads in that folder are loaded onto the right side of your screen. By simply scrolling down the list you can read all of the ads in their entirety. There is no need to waste your time waiting while each group of 8 or 10 additional ads are uploaded to your screen, nor do you have to double click on the title of each ad that interests you and then have to sit and wait while that individual ad is uploaded. The National Classifieds Directory was designed to be as user friendly as possible with an emphasis on NOT WASTING YOUR TIME !


Special Interest NewsLetters:

Subscribers to The National Classifieds Directory may also receive weekly electronic newsletters which include all of the ads from certain specific folders. If you have a "Special Interest" like "Stamps & Coins" for example, each week, when The Directory is updated, the entire contents of the Stamps & Coins folder will be eMailed to all subscribers who specify their interest in Stamps & Coins. By using this service members can scan ads pertaining ro theis special interests without even having to sign online.


Using the Area Code & Location Guide:

Many ads placed in local newspapers include local phone numbers without area codes. By using the Area Code & Location Guide, you can identify the location and area code of the individual placing any given ad in The Directory. All of our participating newspaper's 3 letter code suffix's are listed in one, easy to use, alphabetically indexed table which gives you corresponding telephone area codes and time zone information.

We also provide you with a map showing the approximate location of each of our participating newspapers.


Buying at Long Distance:

The old saying "LET THE BUYER BEWARE" should always be kept in mind. Most people are honest, and they will deliver what they promise. Unfortunately this is not always true and many people are understandably worried about getting ripped off. There are however, several ways to insure against this happening.

GET SOMEONE TO INSPECT THE ITEM FOR YOU: Its easier than you think. Let's say you are buying a classic 1960's Corvette from someone in another city. The first thing to do is ask the seller to send you a number of good sharp detailed photos to inspect and to mail or fax you a copy of the car's title showing any liens that may exist. If the seller is unwilling to do this, then perhaps he has something to hide. If the photos that you receive look good, and you are still not comfortable with the deal, locate an established dealer or repair shop in the area where the car is located. Contact them by phone and ask them if they would do a pre-purchase inspection on the vehicle for you for a fee. The rates for such an inspection usually range from $25 to $100. You also might know someone (or know someone who knows someone) who lives in the area where the car is located who can inspect the vehicle for you as a favor.

PAY THROUGH THE SHIPPER: Its still possible to be the victim of a scam artist. You could be totally satisfied that the car being offered is exactly what you want. But once you send the seller payment, what's to prevent him from skipping town with your money and not shipping you the car ? Its easy to prevent this by using the services of an established shipping service or agent. You can trust an established shipping company which is licensed for interstate commerce. Most shippers will let you send them a certified check made out to the seller of the vehicle, which they will only give to the seller upon receipt of the car as per your description along with a clean and properly endorsed title. The same techniques can be used for other (non-automotive) purchases as well. You can get a camera dealer to inspect a camera, an art gallery to inspect a
print or poster for you, etc., etc....

WHEN PURCHASING ITEMS FROM DEALERS: Make sure to have the dealer specify, in your purchase agreement, that the item(s) that you are purchasing are returnable if they are not as described.

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