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How to Place an Ad

Placing an ad through your local Newspaper:

The easiest way to place in ad in The National Classifieds Directory is by simply placing it in any of the proper columns of your nearest participating local newspaper. You can identify which columns are included in The Directory in your local newspaper by the special header that appears in those columns. Here's an example of what they look like:


Classics & Antiques

Ads in this column can now
be seen on the internet at

30' Ford Model A, 4 dr sedan
great cond, asking $4,000 OBO leave message @ 595-7777 eves


If your local newspaper is not a participating member of The National Classifieds Directory please contact the manager of the Classified Ad Dept. and ask them to join our growing family. If you would like us to contact your local newspaper directly, please fill out the enlosed eMail inquiry.

It is not necessary for you to place your ads in your local newspaper in order for them to appear in The National Classifieds Directory. You can place your ads directly by simply filling out the the ad placement form located below.


Placing an ad directly:

There are several reasons why you may wish to place an ad directly in The National Classifieds Directory. Here are some of the most common reasons:

If your local newspaper is NOT a participating member of "The Directory":

As The National Classifieds Directory is is a new service, it will not be uncommon for many or our readers to live in an area without a local participating member newspaper. In our efforts to increase the number of our participating member newspapers, we are focusing primarily on the major metropolitan papers. This does not mean that we are NOT interested in having smaller local newpapers as participating members, in fact many of the "best buys" are found in the classifieds of smaller local papers.

If your ad is directed at more of a National than Local audience:

Many items advertised have more of a National rather than a Local appeal. This is especially true of rare, exotic and expensive items. Corporate jet planes are a good example. There are however, a great many "less exotic" items for which "The Directory" will prove to be a very effective resource.

Say for example you live in middle America and you are restoring a classic car for which you need a tail light lens or other part. The odds of finding that specific part through a classified "Want Ad" in any single local newspaper are rather slim. By placing your ad in "The Directory" however, you can be sure that your "Want Ad" will be seen by a national audience. You don't have to keep replacing your ad every week (and pay for it over and over again) either since all "Want Ads" placed directly in The National Classifieds Directory keep running until YOU tell us to cancel them.


Introductory "Free Ad" Offer:

For a limited time only, during our initial launch period, we are offering all new readers up to 3 complimentary ad placements. Here's an easy, practical & risk free way to start using the internet for all your buying and selling needs.

Click On the Appropriate Button Below to Place Your Own **FREE** Ads in:

Please make sure to include your eMail address when filling out any of the forms above:

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