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How to write a successful ad:

Its easy to write a successful ad by following these simple instructions:

AD TITLES: The title of your ad should tell the reader exactly what you have to sell (or what you want to buy) in the most simple and direct manner possible. Contrary to what many people think cute slogans like "Bargain of the Month" or, "Check this Out !!" will not make your ad more successful.

AD COPY: Long ad copy sells better than short ad copy. Its a fact. Your ad copy should include all of the important details about what you have to sell (or what you want to buy). People who use classified ads resent having to waste their time responding to ads for items other than what they are really looking for simply because the information in the ad was incomplete. By leaving some details out of your ad, you cannot convince a person to buy something other than what they want and remember, Long and detailed ads placed directly in The National Classifieds Directory cost no more than short and incomplete ones!

RESPONSES: You should make it as easy as possible for people who read your ad to get in touch with you. If possible include both your work and home phone numbers and the best times for people to reach you. If possible you should also include your eMail address. We have eMail links set up so that readers may simply click on your eMail address (which will appear in blue) in order to open up a blank eMail form addressed directly to you. When responding to ads at long distance there is no more simple and direct way to get people to respond to your ad. People often think twice about making a long distance call... but it costs nothing to respond to an ad by eMail.


Including your asking price:

PROS & CONS: Opinions differ on this question. Our experience with classified ads is that they are usually more successful if people include their asking price in their ads. Unfortunately it is not uncommon for some people to have an exaggerated idea about the value of items they have for sale, and we therefore recommend that advertisers make sure they know the market value (if there is one established) of what they have to sell before deciding on what prices to put in their ads. There are numerous sources for establishing market values for vehicles. The most common and widely accepted authority on vehicle prices is the Kelley Blue Book system. We have included links to the Kelley Blue Book internet website in the Vehicles section of the directory. Values for older Classic and Antique vehicles are often harder to determine, however there are several good guides available, including the C.P.I. (Cars of Particular Interest) guide book, and the NADA Classic, Collectible and Special Interest Car Appraisal Guide. If you are not selling a vehicle or other item that has a well established and documented market value, the easiest way to determine the item's market value is to search for ads for other similar items for sale in The National Classifieds Directory or elsewhere.

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